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for your liquid tanks.

IoT as a driver to reduce logistic costs

How does it work ?

At tankconnect, we use IoT as a driver to reduce your Opex. According to your business needs, we will deploy the sensors enabling you 24/7 control on your stocks.

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We analyse your business requirements together and determine which sensors you need on your tanks.
At your request, we take care of the planning, deployment of the sensors and software activation.
We empower your data through algorithms to give you a proper view on your stocks and consumption in real time.

Sensors as a service

For us, the sensor is a mean of providing you powerful data and help you take better decisions.

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Tankconnect already assist great companies around the world

"A system that allows real estate trustees to be transparent about condominium oil deliveries, to give online access to consumption monitoring, and to optimize just-in-time orders at the best moments, not to mention dry breakdowns that become just bad memories!"
Frédéric D.
Home consult sa - Luxembourg
"Ideal system for managing high consumption and high capacity tanks! This has allowed us to meet the growing demand from our customers."
Dimitri D. W.
Area Manager @ Total
"I monitor my tanks, give access to the foreman and my orders are automatically send to my usual supplier! I highly recommend it!"
Paul G.
PG. Construct

Never face shortages again

Program alerts

Control your stocks

We combine the data of your tanks in a monitoring dashboard, even if they’re at different locations. The monitoring dashboard is available anytime and anywhere via the website or app.

Less Labour intensive

Organise your replenishments and monitor your consumption through the dashboard. No need to go on site!

Flexibility is key

You can customize the amount of measurements taken daily, the alert tresholds and the different stakeholders that have an access yo the tank level online.

Proactive planning

Improve your procurement schedule with real-time data.

Increase your efficiency

Automate the planning, control and management of your tanks.

Reduce your risks

Avoid unnecessary journeys by always being up to date. Avoid emergency call thanks to proactivity

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If you would like to deploy tankconnect with your certified installator, it is also possible.

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